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How long does it take to adjust to life as a teacher in the U.S.?
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Most ambassador teachers refer to their first year as “challenging,” due to the number of changes they encounter. This includes a new country and culture, a new school system, new colleagues, a new home, new food, new friends and more. Cultural adaptation requires a significant adjustment period as one moves through the various phases. Typically, it takes at least six months to arrive at the final phase where one begins to adapt to the new culture and fit in.

While the first year is primarily one of learning, adjustment and personal challenge, the second year begins to offer true program benefits as teachers settle in and begin to make significant contributions. This is also the year in which personal growth truly starts to occur. Teachers begin to feel they have accomplished something of significance, and gain more confidence and new perspectives on the nature of teaching itself. Participate Learning staff provide support throughout the experience, and teachers also have access to professional events with other ambassador teachers and staff.

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